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The Best Moving Service in Los Angeles, CA

Father & Son Moving & Storage is a local Los Angeles moving company that provides moving and storage services to the greater Los Angeles area. As a family-owned business, Father & Son ensures that all of it’s clients are treated as we would treat our own family members.

moving and storage company in los angeles, ca

Our Storage & Moving Services in Los Angeles

local moving services in los angeles, ca

Local Moving in Los Angeles

Are you moving to Los Angeles with a licensed and insured moving company like Father and Son? We guarantee you peace of mind with your relocation. Our Los Angeles movers follow the highest standards, successfully pass tests, and continuously receive professional training to ensure the most reliable and up-to-date moving services.

long distance moving services in los angeles, ca

Long-Distance Moving

Our trusted moving company will move your household items in one smooth operation within the allocated time. We are experts at our job and are efficient at it too. Father and Son can help you avoid the hassle and stress of preparing your belongings for a safe journey.


corporate and commercial moving services in los angeles, ca

Corporate & Commercial Moving

Whether it’s your first time or you’ve moved many times in the past, the prospect of moving your commercial company can appear daunting with so many aspects to consider and prepare for. Commercial companies often have more oversized, complicated items and are generally more time-consuming to prepare for travel. We’re here to provide you with professional commercial moving services in Los Angeles!

full service storage company in los angeles, ca

Storage & Packing

People need storage for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes an entire household needs to be put into storage because a house doesn’t close on schedule. Sometimes a single piece of artwork needs to be stored to keep it out of the way during a tumultuous move. Offices require storage solutions as well, either for a few pieces of equipment or for an entire business. Whether the reason, Father and Son provides full-service storage in Los Angeles to help ease any stress in any situation.


I moved my mother in law’s house, including a piano to storage. The team arrived promptly and packed everything up – they were fantastic, fast and gentle with furniture. Hire them and you won’t be disappointed. Michael was very responsive to me and helped me navigate a move that I haven’t done in 30 years

– Tracey R.