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Local Moving

Stress-Free Moving Services

Ready for a fresh start?

A new home brings a whole new you. New views. New neighbors. New perspectives. Here’s to your new lifestyle.

All moves are not the same so don’t settle for just any movers in Los Angeles. At Father & Son, we believe that every single move deserves our full attention. Our business goes the extra mile and works hard to turn each stage of your moving process into a ‘Perfect Move’.

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Packaging & Unpacking

Packing sets the stage for a successful move. Lean on us for advice or to do the packing for you.

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Local Moves

We’ve moved over 55,000 people around Los Angeles in the last 30 years. You’re in great hands.

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Commercial Moves

We work to give you the fastest, most reliable commercial move so that you can get back to work as soon as possible!

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Valuable Moves

We make moving art a work of art. We know exactly what to do when it comes to priceless fine art.

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International Moves

Since 1985, we have worked with agents across the globe to help our clients move almost anywhere in the world.

Interested in trusting Father & Sons for your moving needs?

We offer the best movers in Los Angeles. We focus not only on physical strength, but emotional resilience and social skills.

Father and Son Moving treats every move like it’s our own. We live here, we grew up here, and we’re raising our kids here. We’ve been packing, storing, and shipping California residents since 1985. And we’re still just as dedicated to keeping you happy and safe as we were when we started. Just remember, there are so many things to consider when planning a move. Things like your budget and moving timeline can be stressful. If this is your first time moving, you might be wondering what to expect.

If you are looking for a moving company in Los Angeles with experience, license, and affordability, you’ve come to the right spot! Our movers always bring a positive attitude to make your moving day more than tolerable. Dare we say enjoyable?  Our Los Angeles moving company has no hidden fees or charges. We are licensed and offer a full range of moving services. If you are looking for a premium moving company experienced and affordable in Los Angeles, look no further!


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professional moving company los angeles, ca

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